Sos Children

    children SOS

    We support children* in Ukraine
    who are affected by Russia’s
    the military invasion of Ukraine.

    *(under 18 years old as
    of 24th February 2022)

    What we do

    Give access to education
    and healthcare

    Help children with
    medical needs

    Give a professional
    psychological help

    Support single parent
    displaced families

    What is going on?

    According to Ukrainian State Statistics Office, the number of children in Ukraine was 10.7m in January 2021, of which approximately 6.3m are estimated to reside in major cities and regions affected by direct military campaigns.

    Approximately 6.3m children are in danger and 3.4m of them are currently displaced from their homes by internal migration to the safer areas in the west of the country.

    Do you want to help more?

    You can…

    join our team and help ukrainian children

    join our fund with your organisation


    We donate and support St Mary’s Ukrainian School in London.



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